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By collectdx on August 04, 2011

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The story goes like this:

Way back in 2000 we started a site called CollectionDX which was about Japanese and American toys and action figures. For a while there, the robots and the anime figures got along well. But once the site got popular people started to complain. Not wanting to lose that audience, we branched out and created another site called Anime.CollectionDX.

ACDX (as it was then called) was a good outlet for anime-related goods, but it was limiting. What if we wanted to talk about Kung Fu movies, J-Pop or Showa-era antiques? Eventually ACDX died, crushed to death by an old server.

In its wake, Otaku.CollectionDX (OCDX - get it?) rises from the ashes like a phoenix. Here we are free to indulge in all our Otaku desires.

What does Otaku mean anyway?

Otaku is a Japanese word. it's original origins mean "house" or something like that, but modern usage in Japan is the equivalent of "Maniac" or "Super Fan". Here we would call them "Super Nerds" in regards to Japanese Pop Culture.

At OCDX we cover all things that tickle our Otaku fancy - from Anime to Manga, to Toys to Games, to WTF Japan moments and the latest bizzare goings on in the land of the rising sun.

We hope you enjoy it!

- The OCDX Team

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