Anime Central 2013: A pictorial journey through the Midwest's largest otaku-fest

By SentaiSeiya on May 25, 2013

When May rolls around,  the Hyatt Regency in Rosemont becomes the place for Otaku in the Midwest to gather. Another great Anime Central has come and gone.

anime centra 2013

Join me as I relive the journey through the pictures I snapped at the convention.

Valvrave the Liberator: Episode 6

By dapperfex on May 25, 2013

As one could easily guess from the events of last episode, this week’s episode focuses on Rukino Saki - and a fairly interesting persona she is. While she at first seems completely one dimensional, merely using her charms and sob stories to worm her way closer to Haruto in order to become more famous, it’s shown later in the episode that there’s something darker lurking under the surface. Her ‘lying’ to Haruto about parental abuse and needing to become famous to escape a tortured past was, in itself, a lie.

Post-Precure Post: Dokidoki! Precure Episode 16!

By VIR on May 20, 2013

Episode 16 of Dokidoki! Precure introduces the power-struggle of possession between Mana and Regina. Regina finds Mana to be insatiably interesting and wants her for herself, for Mana to be her best friend. Mana obliges to only find her distanced from her true friends, thus starting a whole new entanglement.

Let’s talk:

SUPER REVIEW TIME: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave 11!

By Jmann on May 16, 2013

Just when you thought it wouldn't get here, Jmann finally got his crap together so he and SentaiSeiya could continue on their journey of magic and Dinobonoids!

JM: Alright. So the episode starts off with Boss Chaos regenerating Dogold by allowing the Dogold armor to consume a Cambeastian. I think that was a pretty neat way to have Dogold remain relevant after losing his own body in the fight with Utchy (Kyoryu Gold). To make a long story short, they use a new monster called Debo Spineless to remove peoples' neck bones.

Post-Precure Post: Dokidoki! Precure Episode 15!

By VIR on May 15, 2013

Episode 15 of Dokidoki! Precure delves more into the search for the Princess all the while introducing more of the character of Regina and her importance and wild and wicked nature to the story at hand.

Let’s talk:

Post-Precure Post: Dokidoki! Precure Episode 14!

By VIR on May 10, 2013

Episode 14 of Dokidoki! Precure has a focus on Rikka and her goals as a daughter and a girl. We see development on her dependency on others and her ability to outwardly express herself for things that she wants to do and be.

Let’s talk:

Have A Look at the Worst Madoka Bootleg Nendo Ever

By Animaven on May 07, 2013

Brace yourselves, people. This is a doozey. 


nendoroid bootleg


The best part? It's listed as used and selling for $50. LOL. 

The OtakuDX Show with Veef and Deef - Episode 10: The Last Time for L-Gaim

By Dkun on May 05, 2013

We've done it, we've passed the 10 episode podcast hurdle! Can you believe we've been doing this for ten episodes now? Join us again as we talk about what we've been getting, what we've been playing, and what we've been watching!

In this episode we talk about:

The elephant in the room.

SUPER REVIEW TIME: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave 10!

By Jmann on May 02, 2013

Hello my babies! This review is another amalgamation of SentaiSeiya and Jmann! You know, like all of these have been!

JM: This episode takes place right where the last one left off. The Kyoryugers were fighting Dogold and found out that it is actually Utsusemimaru, Kyoryu Gold, inside of him. BADUM! We are then treated to the explanation of why from the always lovely Torin. Apparently Utchy jumped into a portal thing when he was fighting Dogold and they fused together.

Post-Precure Post: Dokidoki! Precure Episode 13!

By VIR on May 01, 2013

Episode 13 is an Alice episode (finally); it sets Alice in the spot light and develops her as a calm and collected protector, a protector of her friends and ideals, a newly gained outlook for her.

Let’s talk:

Super Review Time: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave 9

By SentaiSeiya on April 30, 2013

WARNING- MAJOR SPOILER AHEAD! The identity of Kyoryu Gold is revealed in this episode and thus in this review. SentaiSeiya and Jmann are in no way responsible for any spoilage of the show that occurs from here on. Read at your own risk.




Happy Walpurgisnacht!

By Animaven on April 30, 2013


Happy Walpurgisnacht! While some view April 30th in the traditional sense (witch’s holiday, six months to Halloween, blah blah blah) anime fans know what it REALLY is - a good excuse to watch “Madoka Magica.” 

Post-Precure Post: Dokidoki! Precure Episode 12!

By VIR on April 26, 2013

Episode 12 of Dokidoki! Precure focuses on Mana and her newly acquired disciple Saotome Jun all the while promoting Mana’s excellence and heartfelt want of helping people.

Let’s talk:

Firstly, the character of Jun. The focus of the show was primarily on him. We got to see the world through his eyes as the plot developed. This made scenes and scenarios a little more potent as it was a new character—one with problems all his own—who was growing and learning with the main girls being the medium through which this happens; the girls’ defined growth is now used to help others.

Super Review Time: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave 8

By SentaiSeiya on April 21, 2013

Hobby Search Blog Model Trunk Goofiness

By Animaven on April 21, 2013

Hobby Search Blog Model Trunk Goofiness

Every time the Hobby Search blog gets something to play with, the fun is rarely in the item itself, but the goofiness in the pictures. This time they got a Miniatureart Petit Trunk for model train kits. It’s on sale for $8. 

hobby search trunk


The OtakuDX Show with Veef and Deef - Episode 9: More Muv Luv

By Dkun on April 19, 2013

In case you haven't figured it out, we kind like Muv Luv. Join us again as we talk about what we've been getting (Muv Luv), what we've been playing (More Muv Luv), and what we've been watching (Also Muv Luv, technically it's a game, but hey that's pretty much also watching)! 


In this episode we talk about: 

"the erotic L-gaim ear biting scene" (Veef's words, not mine)

Post-Precure Post: Dokidoki! Precure Episode 11!

By VIR on April 17, 2013

dokidoki doki doki precure toei

Episode 11 of Dokidoki! Precure introduces new items, topics, and character traits (no matter how backwards they may seem to be) all the while cohesively developing the team and keeping the story moving at a pleasant pace.

Let’s talk:

Cherry Blossoms Round Two!

By Animaven on April 17, 2013

Cherry Blossoms Round Two!

Ready for more spring pictures featuring cherry blossoms and Nendoroids? Mikatan’s Blog posted round two of the picture bonanza.

cherry blossom nendoroids 


Nendoroids in Springtime

By Animaven on April 11, 2013

It’s that time of year again, when cherry blossoms bloom and every nerd with a Nendoroid and a camera gets to picture taking. Lucky for us, Mikatan collects these pictures on her blog and posts them for us. Have a look at the best of her collection, and enjoy your springtime.


Post-Precure Post: Dokidoki! Precure Episode 10!

By VIR on April 09, 2013

Episode 10 of Dokidoki! Precure generates animosity between friends and, at the same time, generates excellent growth and development of main characters through situations that fall within the purview of real life. A serious and demanding episode, it fares well.

Let’s talk:

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