Get Under the Mistletoe with Santa Sonico

By Animaven on November 05, 2013

She'll make it a very merry Christmas indeed.

Saber Gets Suggestive

By Animaven on May 29, 2013

She may be in a swimsuit, but she wants you to think about her mouth.

Alter’s Waver Velvet

By Animaven on December 05, 2012

Because moe isn’t just for girls.

Suzuha Amane rides into your life

By Animaven on September 17, 2012

The girl who made bicycle seats a fixation point is here

Check out "Yuru Yuri's" Mirakurun!

By Animaven on September 04, 2012

A magical girl from a yuri series? How could this go wrong?

Alter's Accelerator!

By Animaven on May 30, 2012

He's got a certain magical charm.

Menma in PVC from Alter!

By Animaven on May 22, 2012

All she wants to do is play with her friends.

Saber wants to clean up your figure collection.

By Animaven on February 26, 2012

She's just the bad ass to do it, too.

Alter's Celty Sturluson statue

By Animaven on January 20, 2012

And now we know why Shinra was so fixated on her.

Selvaria Bles from “Valkyria Chronicles” has an itty-bitty bikini top

By Animaven on November 28, 2011

Apparently one size only fits most.

Charlotte Dunois gets her gym clothes on.

By Animaven on November 06, 2011

No, that's not a cast-off joke.

Pappa Kotetsu in Plush?

By Animaven on October 20, 2011

“Tiger & Bunny’s” senior hero is every bit as squeezable as we want him to be.

Alter bringing us Merry Nightmare

By Animaven on October 05, 2011

She might be the girl of your dreams.

Like Strike Witches? Have some Eila

By Animaven on September 29, 2011

She's ready to rev your engines, boys.

“Yumeki Merry’s” Merry Nightmare coming at us courtesy of Alter!

By Animaven on September 27, 2011

Holy crap, is she ever adorable.

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