Dark Horse

NYTF2012: Dark Horse

By JoshB on February 21, 2012

Dark Horse shows off the Camilla D’Errico statue ‘No Ordinary Love’ statue, as well as Domo Quees, Mass Effect ship replicas, and Snoopy vinyls!

Meet Darth Talon, Sith Vixen

By Shogundan on May 05, 2009

If you've been enjoying the Star Wars Legacy comic book series, odds are you're going to dig this Darth Talon Mini Bust. (The bust, in particular.) Based on the artwork from the show, this nifty collectible replicates the Sith in exquisite detail, bringing you a wonderful sculpture of the character in her entirety. Except, you know, for the legs. All her tattoos and markings are here, as is her trademark lightsaber. Be sure to get her before she gets you!
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