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By Shogundan on May 04, 2009

Now Shipping from Yamato USA - Fantasy Figure Gallery: Medusa’s Gaze Inspired by the Work of Luis Royo

EX Weapon Set MMS Type Builder Grapprap

By JoshB on July 11, 2008

EX Weapon Sets are armor sets that you can use with your existing Busou Shinki figures. They are not as large or as complicated as a regular set, and do not include a body.

MMS Type Fighter Asuka

By JoshB on June 18, 2008

MMS Type Fighter Asuka comes from Wave 8 of Konami's popular Busou Shinki action figure line. MMS stands for Multi Movable System, and is a body style created by Masaki Apsy that is used with other toys in addition to Busou Shinki.

MMS Type Naked (Black)

By JoshB on September 28, 2007

After getting the Waffebunny, I now decided that I needed to get another Busou Shinki figure so I could display both the Devil type and Rabbit type together. I didn't want to buy a whole new figure and luckily Konami has the answer.

MMS Type Rabbit Waffebunny

By JoshB on September 27, 2007

The Waffebunny. How can something so cute cause so much frustration? It probably stems from the fact that the Waffebunny is actually only an accessory set. There is no actual figure included; only parts that can be used to modify an existing figure. A lot of people ordered this thinking they were getting a complete figure.
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