Frame Arms Girl Laetitia Model Kit from Kotobukiya

By JoshB on August 21, 2018

In addition to the same default chest parts as Innocentia, Laetitia also comes with an alternate larger chest part.

Check out Kotobukiya’s New Wonder Woman Design

By Animaven on July 16, 2013

Also? Cartoon Network has a pretty bad-ass peek at their Wonder Woman short.

“Hentai Prince’s” Stony Cat in Cu-poche

By Animaven on July 11, 2013

Because let’s face it, she stole the show.

Cu-poche Mami on Pre-Order

By Animaven on June 12, 2013

What do you buy when you want a Nendo that isn’t a Nendo? Cu-poche.

Kotobukiuya’s Kobato is Happy to be On Pre-Order

By Animaven on May 06, 2013

She must be on prozac, or something, because she is never this happy in the show.

Hobby Search’s Blog Shows Off Yotsuba

By Animaven on March 15, 2013

She’s due out in March

“Oreimo’s” Ayase Isn’t Happy About Her Cosplay

By Animaven on March 01, 2013

Her cosplay can’t be this cute?

Kotobukiya’s Asuna from SAO!

By Animaven on December 20, 2012

Because everyone needs more SAO.

Bishoujo Commander Shepherd from Kotobukiya!

By Animaven on September 26, 2012

Bishoujo Commander Shepherd from Kotobukiya! Never undervalue the power of a beautiful lady with a gun.

Kirino in a Bikini!

By Animaven on September 11, 2012

Kirino in a Bikini! Get in on this!

Makinami Mari from Koto!

By Animaven on June 05, 2012

Get ready for some plugsuit hawtness

Bishoujo Harley Quinn from Koto!

By Animaven on April 26, 2012

It's a mad mad mad mad love.

Kotobukiya announces Shining Blade: Aira

By Animaven on March 31, 2012

She's a little different from the one we've already seen, and still super pretty.

Koto has a new Bishojo girl!

By Animaven on March 05, 2012

Fans of The Avengers, assemble!

NYTF2012: Kotobukiya

By JoshB on February 21, 2012

Anime Figures and bishoujo

Ballerina Asuka Langley

By Heather Amaral on February 01, 2012

Ballerina Asuka Langley This is not the Asuka you know.

Manaka Sorceress Ver.

By Dkun on January 12, 2012

Despite some minor grips with her sculpt and the base, I think it’s a really solid figure. Kotobukiya’s attention to detail is still spot on and absolutely top notch.

Bishojo Alisa Bosconovitch on pre-order!

By Animaven on December 20, 2011

Isn't she lovely?

“Muv-Luv” figurine up for pre-order

By Animaven on November 06, 2011

Kotobukiya brings us a little love.

Kotobukiya Ghostbusters Bishoujo LUCY!

By starro on October 30, 2011

Just in time for Halloween is a review of the new Kotobukiya Ghostbusters statue! New to 2011 is Shunya Yamashita's unique new addition to the Ghostbusters mythos-LUCY! Ghostbusters has been getting a LOT of play in the 2ndary geek media of late, with Mattel developing their action figure line and other Ghostbusters related props and serious, ongoing talk of a 3rd Ghostbusters movie. Now we have Kotobukiya's awesome new addition. Obviously, Lucy represents a departure from the traditional super-hero interpretations but a welcome addition! How many other great female movie franchise characters could we get? Indiana Jones? Star Trek?
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