Vividred Operation Akane Isshiki (Pallet Suit) from Medicom

By JoshB on April 08, 2014

Akane Isshiki From the Anime / Manga / Game series Vividred Operation comes Akane Isshiki in her Pallet Suit

Real Action Hero Levi is On the Way

By Animaven on December 30, 2013

He's big! He's Expensive! He's 1/6 scale!

Knock knock. Who's there? Yuno.

By Animaven on August 27, 2012

You know where this joke is going.

RAH Madoka Kaname

By VZMK2 on May 24, 2012

RAH Madoka Kaname, coming in December.

Matsumoto and Hamada from DOWNTOWN get 1/6 figures from Project BM!

By JoshB on January 30, 2012

Matsumoto and Hamada from DOWNTOWN Downtown is a Japanese comedy duo consisting of Hitoshi Matsumoto (松本 人志) and Masatoshi Hamada (浜田 雅功). They are probably most famous for their “don’t laugh or you’ll get beat” comedy sketches, known in Japan as “Batsu” games. Be warned, once you start watching them, your whole day is likely to disappear.

More Penguindrum toys on the way!

By Animaven on October 26, 2011

This time we’ve got the best imaginary penguins you’ll ever see. Or not see. Because they’re imaginary.

By on December 31, 1969

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