Baka & Test Season Two

By VZMK2 on March 15, 2013

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Season two of Baka and Test takes place right after the first season and OVA. It originally aired in 2011. Read my reviews to the first season and the OVA to familarize with the characters. There's not much to say about this season other than while it's not as funny as the first, it thankfully has less of those boring avatar battles I'm not fond of. I'll let most of these pics speak for themselves.



The usual trap jokes. I like these.


All aboard the Baka carriage. 


I really like Episode 8. It was a flashback to when Minami met Akihisa. I thought it was sweet when Minami finally understands that Akihisa wanted to be her friend.


A flashback to when Akihisa gives Hazuki the VERY expensive fox plush, which is really for her sister Minami.


Another flash back episode, this time dealing with how Shouko became infatuated with Yuuji.


Science baby!?


Mizuki's terrible attempt at cooking.


One more thing. Apparently my copy of the disc labled "Extras" turned out to be another copy of episodes 8-13. Not a big deal really. Thanks to Funimation for sending me this anyway.

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