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This review is for the second half of Bamboo Blade, released in a two disc set for episodes 14-26.

bamboo blade

In the second half, the character’s personalities are developed a bit more. We see Tamaki (Tama-chan) going to a Kendo match, only to lose and have to live with defeat. We learn that Kirino deals with the stress of life by always being energetic and enthusiastic. It gets a bit more serious here but never gets too melodramatic.

I don’t really have a favorite episode here. I mainly enjoyed the parts where Tama-chan gets all happy when watching her favorite Tokusatsu show, Blade Braver. There’s even an episode where she and her friend go to a live show featuring the Sentai team.

Also,I thought it was funny when they introduced the American who practices Kendo, Carrie. You can tell she’s American by the LARGE breasts in a tight hot pink T-shirt (with a cross I might add) and spouting random English (or engrish I should say). She was inspired to practice Kendo because when she was little, she watched black & white samurai films.

I did enjoy this show. While it didn’t have me in exclamation it as the best thing ever, it was better than I expected. I think the strength of this show is that it knows how to balance the comedy and drama aspects. Some shows tend to pull that off poorly (Full Metal Alchemist comes to mind).

While the art and animation aren’t high caliber, it generally at least looks good and there’s no horrible, glaring animation & art errors, the kind that quite common in today’s digitally produced anime.

I forgot the mention the dub in the last review. I mainly watch my anime subtitled in English with Japanese audio. I checked here and there for the dub and it seemed serviceable. Really, I prefer to hear anime in Japanese (especially ones that you know, take place in Japan) .

There’s no extras other than clean OP/ED credits and trailers for Funimations other anime. I know times are tough and the companies have to scale back but I really would prefer it they added extras (both physical and digital) like companies did a few years ago. Stuff like booklets with art and interviews, director commentaries (with the actual Japanese director, NOT dub voice actors) and character and setting lineart are things that give more incentive to the buyer. In this day and age where most anime fans know where and how to download fansubs, I think it’s best to give the buyer something that they can’t find on the internet easily. I understand that stuff like that is expensive to do but I think it’s a good way to give an anime fan more than just the show itself.

Overall, I recommend this show for those that want a nice comedy slice of life show with a bit of drama and a little action. I try not to say this often but I do think Bamboo Blade as being a good show to broadcast on Adult Swim. It has the things I mentioned above, isn’t really offensive and even though it deals with the Japanese sport of Kendo, it can still be easily understood to the viewer.

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