DVD Review: Bamboo Blade

By VZMK2 on January 12, 2010

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Bamboo Blade is a 2007-2008 anime based on a manga by Masahiro Totsuka.


This review is for the two disc set of Bamboo Blade, episodes 1-13, released by Funimation.


It begins with Toraji Ishida, an instructor of Kendo who is challenged by his former upperclassman and also a practitioner of Kendo. They set up a bet on who of their female students can win in a competition. The winner will get free sushi for a year.


The main character is actually Tamaki Kawazoe who is nicknamed Tama-chan. At first she’s reluctant to join since she only sees Kendo as a chore and not a hobby. She changes her mind however since she is inspired by the heroism of her favorite tokustatsu show, Blade Braver. She is the stoic and soft spoken type, not really saying much but not cold or inhuman.


Although there’s many characters, the one I enjoyed most was the energetic blonde haired girl Kirino Chiba who’s just funny, especially with that :3 mouth of hers.


The episode I enjoyed most was episode eight. That’s where Tamaki decides in order to save up a VERY expensive box set of her favorite anime, she takes up a part time job a gift shop. In this and the following episodes, Tamaki worries how she will juggle having a part time job and still do her kendo training.


One aspect that was surprising was the lack of any sexual fanservice. This can a plus or negative depending on what your tastes are. Still, it has cute girls being cute so it works for me.


Another aspect I noticed, apparently this show had a high budget. According to Anime News Network, the show was around 9,500,000 yen per episode. The thing is, it doesn’t really look it. Not that it’s bad looking, there’s just nothing in it that really looks expensive. Maybe it was the fight scenes? Or the CG cars? At least there’s no horribly off model character art that tend to plague many of today’s digitally and outsourced produced shows.


The discs themselves are fine. Although I’m not a fan of cramming so many episodes per disc to save space (kind of the norm now), there’s really no problems with the video. There’s no real extras except for a textless OP and ED credits.


Overall I enjoyed the show. It makes good use of cute girls doing what is normally considered a masculine sport. I await to watch the second half.

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