Fairy Tail Part 4

By Dkun on June 05, 2012

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Okay, I've taken entirely too long to finish up writing this review so I'm going to just blitz right through this. In a short and sweet glance at it: Fairy Tail continues to be really awesome.


The last DVD set ended at a pretty annoying part, right in the middle of an arc where a bunch of stuff was about to go down, with the world at stake and what not because of the near resurrection of an evil force. So I was eager to dive right back into these DVDs and man were the final episodes of this arc fun.

However, I feel like I need to cover this again. In my last review I made the point that there was this one guy who looked like a pro wrestler with an owl for a head and his magic power was that he had a jet pack. Well it turns out he has another power! That power is that he can EAT OTHER WIZARDS AND STEEL THEIR POWER (Which also steels their hair as well apparently). You know, until he digests them. The implications behind this are incredibly morbid and hilarious and I can 100% get behind the fact that this is the best villain ever.

Of course there are a couple other weird baddies for them to take out as well, such as this metal rocker looking guy who likes to corrupt female wizards and make them fight other female wizards because chick fights are hot. Also his hair absorbs unlimited water.

All silliness aside, the final battle in this arc is very satisfying, with a lot of smart and fast fighting that keeps my attention, which is something that most Shonen does not do for me. I really dug how well this arc in particular played and think it was my favorite from the show so far.

The majority bulk of the DVD covers the next arc though, which focuses on the rebellion launched by Laxus, one of the S class wizards in Fairy Tail who wants to take over the guild and remold it in his image.

I wonder if I should technically call this a tournament arc, because it feels like that at times. However, it's so hectic and chaotic that I don't think it really is either. A lot of the characters are forced to fight each other, but it's so brutal and fast paced that it really keeps your attention through every part.

The end result of the arc is the majority of the city destroyed by the Fairy Tail guild again along with some rather unfortunate departures. A lot of the previous arcs focused on the characters along with the guild's impact on the world. This arc instead spends time focusing on the guild itself and raises some questions about Fairy Tail's actions in the past as well.

Although the Laxus arc was not as good in my opinion as the previous Erza arc, it was still incredibly entertaining as we got to see more of the Fairy Tail guild members show off their powers and beat the crap out of each other.

Oh right, one more thing. The Fairy Tail guild has a gift shop in it now that sells cast off figures of Lucy.

I don't know how to feel about that.

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