Highschool DxD

By VZMK2 on September 23, 2013

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Ok, so, the story for Highschool DxD goes like this: Issei Hyodo is the main hero (and quite the pervert) who is killed by his first date which happens to be one of the enemies of the series, the Fallen Angels. Luckily he is revived by a Ria Gremory, a red haired girl who is actually a devil. Issei becomes partners with her and the other “devils” to fight the Fallen Angels.


Ok, I’ll be honest. I wasn’t watching this for the story (which has a similar feel to Rosario to Vampire which I reviewed on here). The actually reason to watch this is the fanservice. There’s plenty of it (yes, even nipples). In fact, I had to keep it as worksafe here as possible (but c’mon, you all know what you REALLY want to see, right?). Enjoy the pretty pictures.




One thing I LOVE about this show is the end theme, sung by a vocal group know as StylipS. Not only is it catchy as hell, it’s visually wonderful to watch.


There’s also these nice shorts called Fantasy Jiggles Unleashed. I kind of liked those more than the actual show.


Overall, while the plot isn’t really anything interesting (in fact, it's kinda bland supernatural fluff), the fanservice in this is done quite well so I’m able to overlook the one weaker aspect for better aspect of the show.


The end!

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