Little Big Soldier

By SentaiSeiya on May 16, 2013

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Jackie Chan’s movie work in the States has been pretty light recently.  However, Jackie has been steady at work making movies in his native China. My personal stance on Jackie Chan movies is that he does his best work in China; so I was excited to check out another one of the films he rececently made in China.

The story of Little Big Soldier takes place during the bloody Warring States period; the Chinese one, not the Japanese Sengoku Period. Jackie Chan plays a cowardly farmer-turned-soldier, who manages to escape a brutal battle between two warring states by attaching a trick arrow to his chest armor. This allows him to play the part of a dead soldier, while the other soldiers in this battle died for real.

After just about every soldier perished on the battlefield, Jackie Chan’s character, Big Soldier, manages to capture the enemy General, who was wounded during the fight.

Big Soldier is resolved to return to his home state of Liang with the captured Wei General because of the handsome reward promised to anybody who could capture the enemy general.

Little Big Soldier

This seemingly good turn of luck for Big Soldier lands him into a many adventures.  While making his way to Liang, Big Soldier crosses paths with a prince who wants the General’s head, a group of savage natives, a revenge-seeking songstress and even a bear. 

Little Big Soldier

The movie centers around Jackie Chan’s character; this is a good thing because I watch Jackie Chan movies for Jackie Chan.   In this movie you get to see Jackie’s talent as an actor and stuntman.  Jackie fits the role of Big Soldier very well, which makes sense since Jackie also wrote the movie. Although Big Soldier is a cowardly character, the film reveals how he ended up on that not-so-noble path. Ultimately,   Big Soldier has some redeeming qualities that make him shine as a human and a soldier. That is not to say that Big Soldier is the only character with development in this story. 

Little Big Soldier

The General and even some of the “villains” in this movie prove to be character of flesh and blood, by acting as humans would given these characters’ circumstance in this tale of war. 
The action sequences in the movie are also great; they are the usual mix of combat and comedy that viewers have come to expect from a Jackie Chan film.

This movie boasts a great amount of talent. A great story, script and choreography make this a must see movie for any fan of martial arts movies, Jackie Chan or just fans of good cinema. It strikes a great, dare I even say perfect, balance of humor, action and plot. While some pieces of the movie feel out of place during the run of the film, these pieces fall into place by climax of the story.

Little Big Soldier

The result a satisfying narrative that feels very well thought out and executed. The story of Big Soldier and his captive General is one that will make you think a bit, even after all of the fights and funny moments of the movie have ended. For that I contend that this is one of Jackie Chan’s finest movies.

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