Ocean Heaven

By SentaiSeiya on August 03, 2013

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Welcome to another SLAM review!

Today we are going to check out a recent film by the great Jet Li.

Ocean Heave
Ocean Heaven stars Jet Li, in his first completely dramatic role. In this film, Jet Li plays the role of Sam Wong, the single father of a 21-year-old child (man) with autism.  Wen Zhan plays the role of Dafu, Sam Wong’s son. Both Li and Zhan do a superb job in their respective roles. Jet Li comes across as a genuine father struggling to balance his life and the needs of his son; he acts so well, in fact, that he succeeds at making you forget that the man on the screen is action superstar Jet Li.

Ocean Heaven

On the other hand, Zhang portrays the role of the loveable Dafu very well, showcasing just how different the lives of those with autism are. The supporting cast also does a great job at bringing this bittersweet story to life.

 Ocean Heaven

The plot of the movie focuses mainly on Wong’s struggle to assure that his son is able to take care of himself. Part of the plot is seeing Dafu learn how to do simple things like cook an egg and riding the bus. Seeing how these simple tasks are big endeavors for people with autism really helps depict just how much of a struggle it can be to live with this condition.  Wong has to balance the needs of his son with his own life: working at the aquarium and his own medical condition.  This sometimes causes conflict in the life of Wong, who shift priorities to make sure he son is taken care of.

The pace of the story is a bit slow, but there are enough plots twists, emotional moments and even a bit of romance to keep the viewer engaged and invested in the story.  By the end of the movie, emotions can run pretty high. I admit that I had to take a break from watching the movie towards the end because the movie really hit me in the heartstrings HARD.Ocean Heaven

 Ocean Heaven is a movie that proves Jet Li can not only kick butt, but he can also act. It is a SLAM dunk for Asian cinema and for Jet Li’s career.  While it is a bit slow, I highly recommend this movie to anybody looking for a good story with tons of heart. Just make sure you have a box of tissues handy because you may shed a tear or two for Dafu and his father.

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