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OniAi (full title Onii-chan dakedo Ai sae Areba Kankei Nai yo ne, translated As Long As There’s Love, It Doesn’t Matter If He Is My Brother, Right) is a 2012 anime based on a light novel (of COURSE it’s based a LN, just look at that title) by Daisuke Suzuki. It’s part of the ever growing, VERY decisive imouto genre. Since I’m not bothered by such things, I decided to revisit this show for review. This DVD was provided by FUNimation.


The story here is about twins who are living together about being apart for six years due to the death of their parents. When they are reunited, they begin to live together along with the other inhabitants of the dormitory. These are the major characters:


Akito Himenokoji is the male protagonist (actually, he’s the only male in the whole show). Like most harem leads, he just wants to have a normal school life. Even though he’s ordinary, he also happens to secretly be a writer on incest-themed stories under the pen name “Koichirou Shindo". He is also given the job of student council “Vice-Assistant of Proxy of Secretary” (say that three times fast).


Akiko Himenokoji is the main female protagonist and sister to Akito. While very well mannered, she has a HUGE brother complex and wants him to reciprocate her feelings. She's always wearing some ridiculous type of t-shirt that declares her love for her brother.


Anastasia Nasuhara- She’s a half Russian/American who speaks in a monotone voice and often likes to troll the other characters by saying lewd things but never actually follows up on them.


Ginbei Haruomi Sawatari- Childhood friend to Akito. Even though she has a male name and an undeveloped physique, she wants Akito to see her as a young woman.


Arashi Nikaidoh- President of the Student Council who is bisexual and quite the sexual carnivore, she has 30 lovers but mutually breaks off with them so she can be with Akito nd the others more.


Arisa Takanomiya- The show’s token loli and daughter of Akiro’s second adoptive family who comes halfway into the series. Even though she’s twelve, she’s apparently a genius and has graduated from a famous university.


Kaoruko Jinno- Akito pen name’s personal editor. The show’s Christmas cake (slang for unmarried women in her twenties).


So this show is filled with lots of fanservice. Loads of lewd camera angles and even some nudity (breasts and butts) plus TONS of innuendo. While this, along with the quasi-incest theme (turns out they’re not blood related), is going turn off certain (i.e. hyper sensitive) anime viewers off such a show, I found much of it to be quite hilarious. While not the best imouto/onii-chan anime (that’d be KissXsis for me), it’s far from the worst (Oreimo only had one good season, Onii-chan no Koto had an ugly art style, and Imocho was bland). This anime was produced by Silver Link who’s produced shows such as Baka & Test (which I reviewed previously), the hilarious Watamote and the moe inducing Non Non Biyori. It’s production values are acceptable. No over glaring art flaws. Lots of shiny parts with the blush underneath.


Some of the noteworthy episodes are when they try on different swimsuits.


There’s also one episode in which Akito is sick, so the others try to their best to take care of him. Ah, japanese folk medicine.


Another was one the flashback to when Akito met Ginbei in middle school.


There’s also six shorts that have the characters super deformed which have less animation than South Park. They do provide some extra ecchi (albeit as still shot pans).


Overall, this mildly controversial show was something that I actually found to be quite humorous. Although I’ve seen better harem setups, this isn’t one that should be overlooked even if the premise may bother you.

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