Post-Precure Post: Smile Precure! The Movie: Big Mismatch in a Picture Book!

By VIR on March 28, 2013

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Every Precure series gets its own big budget movie experience (well, almost every). Smile Precure! is no different, as Toei gives us Smile Precure! The Movie: Big Mismatch in a Picture Book!


I very much enjoyed this movie. A lot of great and new things happened for the Smile universe, the theming and quality were top notch, and the movie was an emotional and fun adventure with the Smile gang!

Let’s talk:

The first thing that astounded me about this movie was the theming. The theme of Smile is that of pictures books and the stories and character inside of them. This theme, unfortunately, was underdeveloped and left greatly unused in the show, so I was excited to see that one theme made into a whole movie. To have picture books play such a pertinent role in the plot and to see all these fairy tale characters given life was engrossing, and it felt good.


Yeah, that was my face, too.

We are introduced to a new character in this movie: Nico. She is a young girl trapped in a book with no ending. Her design was nice, though her hair gradient felt a little lazy, just changing from purple to pink like that. Color coordination was great, and bloomers make everything better. She is a very involved character and creates a great emotional and physical struggle with the Precure. There are no spoilers here, readers, but I will say that her interactions were heartfelt and genuine.


This movie also presents a movie-only new form, the Ultra Cure Happy form! This design was quite nice with its asymmetry and glowy bits. It didn’t stay very long in the movie (about three minutes), but what time it was there was spectacular. It resembled the Fresh and Suite Precure Ultra forms with all the feathers and wings, but it was still able to make its own image.


This form is not actually a movie-only form. It shows up in the last two episodes of the show, albeit a lower budget version, and every member of Smile has said form. Good job, Smile, for making movie forms show up again.


There was a continuity error in this movie, but only freaks like me would have caught it and cared. In the movie, Miyuki explains that she learned the importance of smiles from a mysterious picture book. In the show, this is refuted by the story of her learning the importance of smiles from a mirror that her Grandmother gave her in episode 44. This seems intentionally different in the movie, but Precure movies haven’t been known for being heralds of canon.


The production value in this movie was also top tier. The animation was smooth and life-like; the fights were slick and expressive; and the environment was detailed and pretty. There was once scene—the dimension crossing scene—where things got crazy. Some time and budget went into this scene, and it was beautiful because of it.


This movie was quite good. The theming was excellent and made the series and movie feel like a whole. The story was solid and was pertinent to the characters and their story, goals, and lives. Stalwart character emotions were present (most coming from Nico and her interaction with the Preucre) and made for an emotional and captivating time which, in turn, made you care about the characters and the plot. A fun and enjoyable movie overall.


Also, Miracle Lights made a triumphant return! It wouldn’t be a Precure movie without them!


And finally for the coolest thing about this movie.
During the safety instructions at the end, Cure Peace instructs that older fans of Precure—you know, people like me—should stay sitting down as not to block the view of younger children. She refers to them… as “bigger friends.”

me me me

I don’t know why I find this to be so adorable. I think it may just be the fact that Toei recognized this sect of fans and with such a charming term. Needless to say, I was happy that this happened!

And there we have it!
I hope that you, too, enjoy the Smile Precure! Movie: Big Mismatch in a Picture Book!


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