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By VZMK2 on June 30, 2015

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Let’s get this out of the way, I’m a HUGE fan of the Idolm@ster. I loved the 2011 anime, am currently following its successor Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls, listen to all the songs, and if I could, I would play the games but can’t because they’re Japanese only and require a great deal of knowledge of the language to use (I do watch videos of the singing portion from the games). So naturally, I felt I was best suited to review this 2013 web series spinoff spoof know as Puchimas (also know as Puchimasu!) courteously of Funimation. Note that this review covers both the first and second season.


I find it unusual that this was localized for the western DVD market since the original anime was never released here (Xenoglossia doesn’t count as that’s Idolmaster in name only anyway) nor any of its games. I assume that Funimation sees this as a potential gateway to garner interest into the actual Idolmaster anime. Still, this show is so steeped in you knowing who these characters are that I find it hard for anyone who isn’t familiar with some Idolmaster knowledge already to get the jokes.


Anyway, Puchimas being a web series, means that these are shorts, approximately 2-3 minutes each with a ending credit sequence. The premise is that the original idols of 765 Productions come into contact with super cute, SD (super deformed) versions of themselves known as Puchidols. They all have characteristics that poke fun and amplify the idol the personality of the idol they’re based one. They also all have one or two cute phrases they say and nothing else (think Pokemon). I’m not going to discuss the original idol characters. For information on that, go to this wiki:


I will however showcase the Puchidols. They are:


Harukasan- Puchidol for Haruka Amami. Able to multiply when in contact with water.


Chihyaa- Puchidol for Chihaya Kisaragi. Reacts violently to the large chested idols (a reference to Chihaya being less than endowed and thus envious).


Yukipo- Puchidol for Yukiho Hagiwara. Just like her idolsake, is quite shy and likes to dig holes to hide in them.


Yayo- Puchidol for Yayoi Takatsuki. Reacts to the sound of money being dropped which is a reference to Yayoi being from a poor family.


Chichan- Puchidol for Ritsuko Akizuki. Is the most intelligent of all the Puchidols. Also is strict , busy worker and likes to bark orders, just like her idolsake.


Miurasan- Puchidol for Azusa Miura. Says “Ara ara” (Oh my. Oh my) like her idolsake. Also is able to teleport to a random location at the sound of sharp noises.


Io- Puchidol for Iori Minase. Is able to fire a laser beam from her forehead (a reference to how Iori has a prominent forehead) and is afraid of cockroaches.


Makochii- Puchidol for Makoto Kikuchi. A strong and touch Puchidol who gains weight due to Makoto over feeding her.


Koami & Komami- Puchidols for the twins Ami and Mami Futami. Like their idolsake, they too like to play pranks around the office of 765Pro.


Afu- Puchidol for Miki Hoshi. Loves to eat onigiri. Her hair changes color and look in the summer, and is highly affectionate towards men and boyish girls.


Chibiki- Puchidol for Hibiki Ganaha. Summons animals when she cries, even a tiny bit Reference to the fact that Hibiki owns a large number of animals.


Takanya- Puchidol for Takane Shijou. Communicates by writing and loves ramen/cup noodles.


Piyopiyo- Puchidol for the secretary of 765Pro Kotori Otonashi. Is able to fly.


And last but not least is the Producer himself who in this version has a capital letter P for a head.


I haven’t talked about the plot because there really isn’t much to speak of. This is a gag comedy that’s animated in Adobe Flash (or an equivalent of such) as they have that squish/squash and pull associated with the animated program. As I said, these are shorts that were originally a web series (many of the episodes are on Funimation’s Youtube channel). It’s preferable to watch a few at a time rather than marathon the whole thing as it can become monotonous to watch. While the gags and Puchidols are quite cute, it’s something that’s more like frosting on a cake than the cake itself. There’s around three and a half hours of content between the two season discs. There aren’t any particular extras other than the textless credits and three OVA eps on the second disc.


I loved this part where it switched to live action puppets. I want one!


Overall, while I did get some enjoyment out of this, it’s partly because I’m such a huge Idolm@ster fan that the jokes and references. I can only recommend this to someone who is familiar with the franchise, otherwise you’re not going to much out of this.

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