Sadako 3D

By SentaiSeiya on July 05, 2013

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Welcome to another SentaiSeiya Live Action Movie  (SLAM) review.

Sadako 3D is a movie based on the novel by the creator of Ringu, Koji Suzuki. The movie revolves around a young man, Kashiwada Seiji, who live-streams his suicide on the popular video site Nico Nico Douga.

Sadako 3d

After the live streaming of the video, rumors begin circulating of a cursed video clip, which is said to take the lives of those who watch it.  


Sadako 3d

Oh no! Now Japan is down one Otaku!?

While the cursed video has been removed from the website and the link leads to a dreaded File Not Found page; some unlucky souls are able to access the video when they are alone. One such victim is a student of the protagonist of the movie, Akane. After her student's death , Akane finds herself thrown into the mystery that surrounds this cursed video.

Sadako 3d

The director of Sadako 3D tries to shroud its plot mystery, by slowly revealing the truth behind the video and even keeping the name of the mysterious woman that is involved with the deaths a secret. Calling this paranormal person “S” is pretty redundant, considering the title of the movie gives us the full name of the long-haired, paranormal culprit!  The movie sets an unrealistic expectation of the audience to suspend their pre-existing knowledge so they can follow along with the characters on the screen, who are less informed than the viewers.  I understand that the novel this movie is based on is simply titled “S”, which is a fitting title if that is how the author is going to refer to the character in order to keep her identity a secret. I also understand that the title was probably changed so that the movie could gain some extra bang in the box office thanks to the association the name has with the Ringu movies. However, that does not change the fact that we know who is behind the deaths before the movie even begins.

Sadako 3d

In the end, Sadako 3D borrows quite a bit from the original Ringu series, as it appears to aspire to be a reboot of the series.  However, Sadako 3D manages to bring little new to the table. The only interesting part of the plot was how Kashiwada brings back the soul of Sadako from its slumber in the iconic well.  In fact, it may have been a more interested story for the detectives in this movie unravel that mystery, rather than focus on Akane. Early in the movie Akane’s role in this plot is revealed and we learn why she is special in a way that is probably going to keep her safe throughout the film. The latter detracts a lot from the tension in the movie, especially during the scenes where Akane is being pursued by spider/Sadako hybrid creatures. 

Sadako 3d

One of my favorite things from Ringu was how it created a tense environment due to the time limit the protagonist had. Every second mattered in the race to uncover the truth behind the mysterious tape. In Sadako 3D, they do try to create that same type of tension by presenting Akane with an arbitrary, “hurry or your boyfriend is going to die” scenario; however, his death seems less immediate than the sense of danger that death of the main character would present.  

The ending for Sadako 3D was very unsatisfying; as it appeared to be done with pleasing the audience in, and leaving the movie open to a sequel, in mind. I can’t comment on the 3D since I watched it in 2D on DVD; so maybe that was good enough to make this the jump scares in this movie a bit scarier and thus a better horror movie. But alas, that was not the experience I had watching this in my bedroom, sans the 3D experience.  Ultimately this movie offers very little in the way of scares, intrigue or any other story element that would make this film interesting. Even SLAMing down a couple of beers before viewing would not be sufficient to make this a good movie experience.  This movie deserves to be SLAMmed in the trash and forgotten.





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