Saint Seiya Omega- Episodes 1-13

By SentaiSeiya on July 12, 2012

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Saint Seiya Omega is a sequel to the hit anime series Saint Seiya. After Toei and Kurumada scrapped the plans for animating the Heaven’s Chapter of the Saint Seiya storyline, the prospects of finding out how the Saint fared against Apollo were slim. Enter  Omega, an alternate storyline in which the Saint of the original series are unable to fight; so the duty of protecting Athena has been passed down to a new generation of Saints, led by Pegasus Kouga.

The series parallels the story of the original in several ways. Early in the series there is tournament between the Bronze Saints, with the right to move up to higher level Saint being awarded to the winner. This tournament, in a similar fashion to the original, is disrupted by an evil force looking to wreak havoc on the world. The powerful opponent, this time it is Mars who threatens Sanctuary and Athena’s life.

My feelings for this series have so far been a roller coaster ride. The first couple of episodes resonated with my love for the original series. The intro to Omega is an updated version of one of Pegasus Fantasy, which rocks hard! It was also good to see Seiya, Athena, Shaina and even Tatsumi make an appearance in the first episode because it helped tie this series to the original.

However, since then the story has done quite a lot to distance itself from the source material. Even though Pegasus Kouga is trying to save Athena from the clutches of Mars, his immediate concern has shifted to protecting the Athena-imposter, Aria.

I watched the intro several times, to take in the Make-Up’s new version of Pegasus Fantasy. After several viewings of the intro, I had the sneaking suspicion that Saint Seiya Omega added an elemental affiliation to each Saint. During the second episode, I found that my suspicion was unfortunately true. Adding elements to each Saint is lame and unnecessary addition to the series for a couple of reasons. First, elemental attacks were already part of the Saint Seiya universe, but not all Saints had an affiliation to one of the elements.  Many Saints had powers that were based on force, speed, telekinesis, power, etc. Heck one character in the original series, Whale Moses, had an attack where he would hurl his enemy into the air and punch them in the head on their descent back toward the ground. It was brutal, but effective attack. There was no need for an elemental attack; he just cracked people in the skull really hard. My second problem with this elemental affiliation of the Saints is the fact that it is not original at all. It has been done before, in pretty much the exact same manner. Pokémon did the whole elemental affiliation of the Pokémon, with certain types being effective against others. Same thing with the Saints! Water is effective against fire, fire is effective againts wind, etc., etc., etc.

There is a card game for the series coming down the line, which probably explains why there was a tacked on elemental system in the series.
So after I swallowed the fact that this show is gonna be a little bit like Saint Seiya-mon, I got back to watching the show and trying to take the material in on its own merits. Then the show introduces a ninja Saint. This character, Haruto as generic as ninja get. He is in effect a ninja…..with Saint armor. What makes this character more annoying is the fact that he breaks one of the newly-introduced elemental rules of the series: each saint has one element that he can awaken. Haruto’s element is earth, but he can also use water and fire, which are augmented by his elemental power. How that makes sense, I have no clue!


Saint Seiya Omega isn’t all bad. Most of the character and armor designs are fresh take on the world of Saint Seiya. I really dug the metal/fabric look of the new Cloths. The action is also quite good at times, although the results of the fights are quite often predictable.

I continue watching this series because it has the Saint Seiya name attached to it, but that is about it. Save for a few good fights or nods to the original series, Omega does not do a good job of using the rich history of the original series in order to create a narrative that appeals to both fans of the original series and newcomers alike. Unlike Lost Canvas, which is another non-canon animated Saint Seiya series, Omega tries too hard to appeal to new audiences, without understanding what made the original series so great.  Thankfully, Toei decided to use Mars (who I am assuming is supposed to be the Roman god) as a villain, which indicates that Omega is in no way canon to Kurumada’s work.

As a sequel to Saint Seiya Omega is quite a failure. On the other hand, as a show that appeals to young kids watching TV on Sunday morning, only the ratings can say.  If you are stuck in the middle, neither a little Japanese kid nor a fan of the original, I would recommend checking out the original series in its uncut form. With a better story, cast and the great violence that the 80's was know for, the orginal series stands above Saint Seiya Omega.

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