Senran Kagura: Ninja Flash

By VZMK2 on December 04, 2014

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Senran Kagura (released in the U.S. by FUNimation as Senran Kagura Ninja Flash!) is a 2013 anime, animated by Artland, based on several video games for the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita.


The story is about five (very well endowed) girls who are training to be ninjas at the Hanzou Academy, all the while facing off against the evil ninja forces of the Hiritsu Hebi Girl’s Academy.

While that’s the “story”, what it’s really about is female “ninjas” who almost all have very large breasts, getting their clothes torn off (no frontal nudity). Basically, this show is totally ridiculous and quite enjoyable for being so. While the plot and characterization is presented as being serious, it’s meshed with high levels of fanservice where boobs bounce like they’re made of jello. It also helps the the OP “Break Your World” is quite catchy, especially with it’s engrish lyrics.

Here’s the five main female characters from the Hanzou Academy:


Asuka- The main girl who wants to be a ninja since her grandfather and mother were also ninjas. Has a fear of frogs so naturally, her spirit animal happens to be just that.


Katsuragi- Acts more like a horny male teen than a girl at times (gropes Asuka no less than three times in the first episode). Her battle clothes after transformation is just her regular uniform but the shirt is open and has metal boots.


Ikaruga- Refined personality with a hime cut hair style.


Yagyu- A mostly quiet girl with twin tails and an eye patch. Uses an umbrella as a weapon. She’s always looking out for Hibari. Her spirit animal is a squid.


Hibari- My personal favorite character from the show. She’s cutesy and clumsy, but wants to be a ninja too since it’s been her family heritage.


Of course, here’s the five females of the Hiritsu Hebi Girl’s Academy:


Homura- Has tanned skin and is able to use six (yes, six) swords at once.


Haruka- Having the largest chest in the show, she has her eyes on Hibari who she wants to control.


Hikage- Emotionless girl with tattoos and sharp blades.


Yomi- Elegant girl who use to be poor. Constantly talks about bean sprouts. Even her alternate subspace world each character has one) is filled with bean sprouts.


Mirai- Short, petite build (has a small chest compared to everyone else in the series) and dresses in gothic lolita style. Like Yagyu, she too has an eye patch and uses an umbrella as a weapon (but Mirai’s is a European style, rather than the Japanese style Yagyu has).


Through the course of the series, we not only only see our heroines train but also some of the backstory to the characters. Once again, the super serious “everyone has a tragic past” is juxtaposed with OVER THE TOP BOUNCY BOOBS with makes it quite silly to watch. The fights are quite well animated and nothing is ever dull or dragged out for the sake of padding.

I checked out a bit of the English dub while taking these screencaps. While it’s not at the quality level the Japanese is, it did grow on me a bit. They ham it up a bit (especially the narrator) which works because this isn’t a show that’s meant to be taken seriously.

One bit of issue I have with this release is the shorts (that are in the Japanese release) were left out for some reason. Too bad because those are hilarious and have even more ecchi moments than the series despite the short length of each.


Overall, despite the ridiculousness of the premise, I find the show quite enjoyable. As long as you don’t mind the fanservice (it’s mild IMO) and premise, I think you’ll have fun with it too.

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