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Brave Girls are the girl group produced by K-Pop songwriting masterminds the Brave Brothers. They've done pop, dance pop, R&B, ballads, etc, never settling on one sound for too long. If Wiki is correct, they currently have five new members along with original members Yoojin and Hyeran. I think I wanted to dislike this because I hate it when groups constantly have members leaving and new members joining. I lose faith in the rock bands I'm a fan of when that sort of thing happens, so it makes sense that I'd be frustrated with it happening to my favorite K-Pop groups. But, to my surprise, I found myself really liking this one. It doesn't break any molds and you'd be correct if you called it a run of the mill R&B ballad, but at the same time the girls voices sound so pretty it's hard not to like them. At times they hit high notes here, but where they really shine is when their voices sound fragile and vulnerable, convincing the listener that they were going through some emotional distress when they were singing this. And that's totally what the song calls for, being from the perspective of a girl whose guy has a wandering eye, who has lost interest. Here's part of the song translated: "You make me lonely, you don’t listen to me / I’m getting more wrinkles on my face because of you / All I need is your love baby / I’m getting thinner and thinner / As you can see, because of you." Kind of makes a tear swell up in your eye, right? I should also mention that the song has a great rap part, which is fairly long but also very fast and the way it's done it feels like the girl is finally standing up for herself, like she's not going to take the guy's shit anymore, which is always a nice note to end such a sad song on. -Michael McCarthy

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