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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is celebrating her 5th year in the entertainment business and she has unveiled a pair of new songs that will appear on her KPP BEST albums to be released soon. I say albums because there are going to be at least two editions. One will have 3 CDS and 1 DVD and the other one will be a limited edition 1 CD version. Funny how they do that, eh? I mean, if the 1 disc version wasn't limited edition then fans who shell out for the 3 CD version wouldn't have any reason to buy it. So, to get people to buy both versions you make the 1 disc version a limited edition deal. As for this single, so far as I'm aware there is just the one version and it's a must have if you want to hear her new songs now, as opposed to waiting until May 25th for the KPP BEST albums.

These new songs are called "Sai & Co" and "Cosmetic Coaster" and both are product tie-ins. "Sai & Co" is used in a TV commercial for Coca Cola in which Kyary stars. ("Sai & Co" is slang for "greatest cola.") As for "Cosmetic Coaster," it's the theme song for a new ride at Universal Studios Japan, the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu XR Ride. I guess you know you've made it when Coke wants you in their commercial and they've named a new ride after you at Universal.

"Sai & Co" opens the disc with massive, up-tempo beats that throb along in a manner that's so addictive it ought to be illegal. One of the reasons I love this song is that it doesn't sound as much like Capsule, the main project of Yasutaka Nakata, who writes and produces all of Kyary's songs. Don't get me wrong, I love Capsule, but with many of Kyary's previous singles the songs have just sounded like new Capsule songs that have somebody different singing them. For example, "PONPONPON" and "CANDY CANDY." They're awesome songs, but I wished they sounded different than Capsule's music. With "Sai & Co," I feel like that's the case. If you played this song for me I would probably guess that it was produced by Nakata but I would be like, wow, this is pretty different from his usual stuff. Of course, I could just be imagining all of this. Maybe you'll think it sounds just like Capsule. However, I have a feeling that we could agree on one thing: it's ridiculously catchy and has real staying power, sticking inside of your head for hours after you listen to it. You'll keep hearing the lyric "Sai and Co" looping inside of your head, but only those who prefer generic pop should mind. This is deliciously artsy!

Next we have "Cosmetic Coaster" and if it's any indication the KPP XR Ride is going to be fast and packed with rises and falls. I envision it as a rollercoaster when I hear this song, but it could be more like one of those caterpillar rides that goes around in a circle, going up and down, while loud music blares. Those were always my favorite when I was a kid. (I've always hated rollercoasters because they scare me to a point that I actually believe I'm going to fall off and die.) Regardless of what the ride is like, this sure is a fun song. It overflows with joy, like a rainbow from a pot of gold. If you're looking for new workout music, you really should add these two songs to your playlists because they're guaranteed to make you move your ass. Those punchy beats will give you a kick right in the pants. Just don't blame me if you use the treadmill while listening and accidentally go so fast that you wind up having a heart attack or being thrown off the thing.

A lovely extended mix of "Mondai Girl" is next, and would also make great workout music, before instrumentals of "Sai & Co" and "Cosmetic Coaster" follow. Listening to the instrumentals, the songs do sound a bit more like Capsule, but when you have Kyary singing them she certainly captivates your attention to a point that you wouldn't be comparing them unless you were writing a review. If only they'd included extended versions of "Sai & Co" and "Cosmetic Coaster" instead of instrumentals. That would have ruled. -Michael McCarthty

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