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Windmill Ent.

LABOUM's new mini-album opens with a 44 second intro consisting of lots of synth and dashes of electro, which fits perfectly with the opening song and lead single "상상더하기," which has been translated as "Imagine More." It's a sweet, danceable, spring-themed song that's sure to spread joy wherever you play it. Except maybe if you play it in a room full of metalheads; that would probably piss them off. But it would be hard to find a K-Pop fan whose face "Imagine More" wouldn't put a smile on.

"3 Strike Out" follows and has louder, thumping beats and a catchy chorus that I'd be singing along to as I write this if only I knew Korean. That said, it's totally formulaic and kind of run of the mill to that end. Don't get me wrong, it's a fun song. It just doesn't score any points for originality. Unless it has ground-breaking lyrics and I'm just not aware of it since I couldn't find a translation. (Google found lots of sites that claimed to have it, but when I went to them I discovered that they were lying. This also happened when I searched for the other songs here.)

Finally, we have "Caterpillar," a touching piano ballad, which sounds like a million other K-Pop ballads. But their voices sound pretty and the strings are nice, as is the piano, so there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. It's just formulaic like the other two songs here. I guess I just wish that the writers would have come out with a truly original song for the girls. These songs are just so cookie cutter. They're sweet cookies, but anyone could have made them, really. -Michael McCarthy

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