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I don't read celebrity gossip and news sites much, but even I know the story of Ladies' Code's tragedy. Simply put, the reason why they are no longer a five member group is because two of their members are dead as a result of a horrific car accident on September 3, 2014. Immediately following the accident, EunB was declared dead on arrival by the time the paramedics reached the nearest medical center. RiSE's injuries were critical and she passed away in the hospital four days later. Today the group consists of the three remaining members, Ashley, Zuny and Sojung. (Wisely, they are not bringing in replacements for the loss of their musical sisters.)

The first of the three songs on hand is "My Flower," a very gloomy pop ballad with hints of electro. Its lush production features an orchestra and a mix of organic and programmed percussion. If the somber strings don't make you feel sad, the sorrow in the girls voices here surely will. Lyrically, it's from the perspective of a girl who has lost her boy: "My flower, he was everything / But he won't listen to me / Can you see a flower / I watch you / My flower, I gather in my hands / And earnestly wish / That I will bloom again." Pretty affecting stuff, right? I read the translation a few times trying to figure out if the guy she calls her flower has died or just left her but they apparently want to keep it open to interpretation. I suppose if fans are still saddened by the deaths they will feel comforted by this and be able to relate. And if they've moved on from things, then they can just look at this literally as a girl loses boy song and enjoy it as such. So, they've basically written in perfectly, so that anyone can appreciate it.

"Galaxy" follows and also has a bit of a downtrodden sound at times. The verses are basically trippy electronica, albeit with subtle strings, but a nice, almost mid-tempo beat kicks in along with some glimmering synth during the chorus. It's far from being a dance pop song though. More like easy listening or chill out music. As for the lyrics, they're basically about looking up at the universe and wondering if it will welcome you. The chorus translates as, "Will you take me to the galaxy / (Mayday) Endless Emergency / Here shining in the darkness Universe / Will you greet me even though I'm a stranger." I suppose you could interpret it as someone in crisis looking up at the heavens and asking God to welcome them, so if you look at it that way it is also a perfect song for them to be doing right now.

Finally, violin and other tender strings begin "Chaconne," another ultra-mellow track, but you certainly couldn't go and put a bubblegum pop track on here following the previous two songs. It just wouldn't fit and would stick out like a sore thumb. Aside from being so relaxed, it's also as beautiful as the previous two tracks, really touching stuff. Additionally, it could be looked at from different perspectives. It's a song about loss, which could be about the loss of a lover or the loss of their bandmates with lyrics like "I remember you / I can't let go." It's enough to bring a tear to your eye, and anything less potent would have probably seemed disrespectful in light of the tragic loss of their two bandmates. Clearly, these songs were written at least in part as a tribute to them and it's a fine one at that. -Michael McCarthy

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