By Paris365 on March 04, 2016

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Pony Canyon

MiChi's latest single, "Checkmate!?" is the intro theme to the anime show Daga Shikashi and it's insanely catchy! Racing drums? Check! Funky bass guitar noodling? Check! Gorgeous orchestration? Check! Catchy electric guitars? Check! Adorable vocals by MiChi? Checkmate! OK, that's a lot of exclamation points; I'm just trying to write this review in the spirit of the song itself. I could use all kinds of adjectives here like contagious, addictive and infectious, but you don't need me to do that, do you? OK, yeah, so I just did -- but it's worthy of all of them! One of the best songs I've heard in months. I also love the fact that it consists of live instruments, not a bunch of programmed or synthesized sounds. Not that I really mind that sort of thing, but it's always nice when you hear genuine instruments once in a while.

The B-side, "∞ Infinity" is an equally impressive tube of wonderful. The interesting thing about these songs is that they walk the line between J-Pop and J-Rock so well you really could call them either and you would not be wrong. That said, they have the best elements of both genres, from the sort of sweet vocals you expect from J-Pop to the loud drums you expect from J-Rock and so on. Another thing the songs have in common is that they're both decidedly up-tempo, high octane songs that would speed by too fast for you to wrap your pretty little heads around if they were any faster. Alas, they are just fast enough; they are perfect. And you're sure to listen to them both on repeat. -Michael McCarthy

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