One Shot Bug Killer! Hoi Hoi-San Chogokin

By JoshB on September 22, 2011

One Shot Bug Killer! Hoi-Hoi San Chogokin A Die-Cast Metal Hoi Hoi-San is about as close to the real thing as you are going to get.

Megahouse Excellent Model: Cure Sunshine

By VIR on June 23, 2013

The flower that bathes in sunlight, Cure Sunshine!

Megahouse Excellent Model Limited Series: Dark Precure

By VIR on February 25, 2013

If you are the moon’s light, then I am its shadow!

Kurumi Erika

By Dkun on January 15, 2013

Kurumi Erika I have made absolutely no attempt at all to hide the fact that Kurumi Erika is one of my favorite animated characters ever.

Chibi-Arts Tsubomi Hanasaki

By VIR on October 10, 2012

Chibi-Arts Tsubomi Hanasaki Want to know a way to make a cute character cuter? I’ll give you a hint: it starts with “C” and ends with “-hibi.”

figma Append Hatsune Miku

By Animaven on July 18, 2012

figma Append Hatsune Miku Miku's back!

"One Piece's" Perona

By Animaven on April 26, 2012

Perona Muh-muh-muh MY PERONA! Whether you spell her name with or without the ‘h,’ one thing is clear: “One Piece’s” Perona (or Perhona, whichever makes you happier) is freaking adorable.

Nendoroid Mami Tomoe

By Animaven on March 27, 2012

Guns, jacked up pictures and a whole bunch of guest appearances!

Wonder Festival 2011 Maxfactory Figma: Roger Smith

By VIR on March 12, 2012

As a professional, I just try to do my best.

Homura Nendoroid

By Animaven on March 01, 2012

Have a look at Home-Run-chan!

R. Dorothy Wayneright figma

By VIR on February 08, 2012

R. Dorothy Wayneright figma Are you familiar with the story about the Nightingale?

One Piece's Going Merry!

By Animaven on February 02, 2012

Hop on board the Going Merry!

Ballerina Asuka Langley

By Heather Amaral on February 01, 2012

Ballerina Asuka Langley This is not the Asuka you know.


By Animaven on February 01, 2012

Black Rock Shooter From the PSP game, it's BRS2035, and she is magnificent.

Motoko Kusanagi Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex statue

By starro on January 28, 2012

The fearsome and beautiful Motoko Kusanagi from the Ghost In The Shell anime series Stand Alone Complex! Kind of odd to suddenly have this (and I think there was another Motoko statue in 2011) GITS statue since the anime ended in 2003, but I'm always happy to see new Motoko figures! There are surprisingly few figures of the Major in this scale given the MANY different toy and statue variations that most anime characters get made into.

Chogokin Aegis

By JoshB on January 24, 2012

Chogokin Aegis Basically, she’s an android. While she may seem cute, she’s built to fight.

5” Stretchy Finn

By JoshB on January 23, 2012

Finn the Human One of the benefits of having grade-school children is that I get to keep up on the kids cartoons without feeling creepy. Their current favorite is a show on Cartoon Network called “Adventure Time” created by Pendelton Ward. It’s a subversive, surreal cartoon about a human boy named Finn and his dog Jake in the land of Ooo.

Strike Witches Lynette Bishop

By JoshB on January 17, 2012

Lynette Bishop Strike Witches are winning the war against… Pants!

Manaka Sorceress Ver.

By Dkun on January 12, 2012

Despite some minor grips with her sculpt and the base, I think it’s a really solid figure. Kotobukiya’s attention to detail is still spot on and absolutely top notch.

"OreImo's" Kuroneko

By Animaven on January 03, 2012

OreImo's Black Cat is a playful figure.
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