Kirino in White

By Animaven on June 18, 2013

Not a wedding dress… thank God.

Two Kuronekos on Pre-Order

By Animaven on May 28, 2013

Chara-Ani and Alphamax want you to know that yes, Kuroneko can be that cute.

"Oreimo's" Kirino on Pre-order

By Animaven on May 11, 2013

Pretty in white

Have a Look at the Ugliest Kirino You’ll Ever See

By Animaven on April 13, 2013

Have a Look at the Ugliest Kirino You’ll Ever See “Oreimo” no-no

“Oreimo’s” Ayase Isn’t Happy About Her Cosplay

By Animaven on March 01, 2013

Her cosplay can’t be this cute?

Kirino in a Bikini!

By Animaven on September 11, 2012

Kirino in a Bikini! Get in on this!

THREE "OreImo" statues coming?

By Animaven on April 14, 2012

There must be a god, and he must love us all.

“OreImo” getting second season!

By Animaven on April 02, 2012

Party face: on!

Holy Angel Kamineko

By Animaven on January 11, 2012

Check out Kuroneko in a radically different outfit.

"OreImo's" Kuroneko

By Animaven on January 03, 2012

OreImo's Black Cat is a playful figure.

Three “Oreimo” figures!

By Animaven on December 01, 2011

From cosplay to cutie, these three statues will make you swoon.

Kirino Kousaka in Nendoroid!

By Animaven on October 16, 2011

The verdict? Kirino in Nendoroid means yes, she can be this cute.

Kirino in a bikini? All my money.

By Animaven on October 01, 2011

There’s a double entendre with the dolphin squirt gun, but I can only think of jokes too dirty to print. Mostly about dolphin rape.
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