Jack Matthews

Starfire Covergirls of the DC Universe statue by Adam Hughes!

By starro on January 17, 2012

Starfire! One of the best known female-characters in the DC pantheon. A member of the New Teen Titans, is rendered here by Adam Hughes and made into an awesome statue presented by DC Direct! Stunning presentation of a wonderful character.

Jesse Quick as the Flash

By starro on August 06, 2011

Jesse Quick (identified on the box as the Flash) is a relatively new character in the DC Flash pantheon of characters-but she follows the legacy of one of DC’s oldest speedsters-the 1940s Johnny Quick. Jesse Quick’s powers come from reciting the formula “3x2(9y2)4A” enabling her to tap into the Speed Force, the omnipresent source which powers all of the speedsters in the DC Universe. Jesse Quick has been a member of several groups as she’s grown up through the years. She was a member of Young Justice early on, followed by the Justice Society of America and the current incarnation of the Justice League of America.
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