Jim Fletcher and Jon Buran

Ame Comi Heroine series Big Barda!

By starro on September 20, 2011

Big Barda (along with Wonder Woman ver. 3-review forthcoming!) is the latest to be given the Ame-Comi treatment! The Ame-Comi artists have reinterpreted her as a space pirate as quoted from the box: "Big Barda and her Female Furies set sail across the sea of space, looking for a life of adventure away from Apokolips. As an interstellar pirate gang aboard their cruiser the Scott Free, Barda's gang is wanted in every solar system. Catch them if you can!" In classic DC continuity, Big Barda is a part of the Jack Kirby "4th World" mythology. Barda is married to Scott Free-aka Mr. Miracle the World's Greatest Escape Artist. She compliments his agility and tenacity with strength and invulnerability. They are part of the New Gods, the benevolent cosmic deities that counter the dark evil of the dark god Darkseid and his minions on the planet Apokolips. Big Barda has had several "looks" over the years, most recently with her big blue battle armor/helmet. But many treatments, including the Batman Beyond version prefer Barda in the "red bikini" version shown here. It is this version that seems to be the inspiration for the Ame-Comi Big Barda.
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