Motion Revive


By VZMK2 on May 27, 2009

For every good robot there is always and evil double. In KOS-MOS's case, she has the tenacious T-ELOS to contend with. T-ELOS is everything KOS-MOS is not. She's darkly colored, mean spirited, and more "provocatively" dressed. In Xenosaga III, T-ELOS proves to be more than a match for KOS-MOS ver. 3. T-ELOS also appears in Super Robot Wars: Endless Frontier as KOS-MOS's eternal rival.

KOS-MOS ver. 4

By VF5SS on May 25, 2009

KOS-MOS is the enigmatic android war machine from the Playstation 2 RPG series Xenosaga. Her name is an odd recursive acronym meaning "KOS-MOS Obey Strategic Operation System" while her form of a busty young woman in high heels harkens back to the days when the Knight Sabers ran around in the similarly styled Hard Suits. KOS-MOS is arguably more popular than the game she comes from and has made a recent appearance in Super Robot Wars: Endless Frontier as a playable character. Her most notable features include long blue hair, red eyes, a vast array of weapons and an "interesting" relationship with her creator Shion Uzuki. Just ask the fans and they will tell you.
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