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By Dkun on June 24, 2012

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Blue Tears x Cecilia Alcott
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Blue Tears x Cecilia Alcott was provided by Bluefin Tamashii Nations. You can get your Tamashii Nation goods at BigBadToyStore! 

I don't know a lot about Infinite Stratos. I don't think anyone knows a lot about Infinite Stratos. In fact, I'm pretty sure at this point that people just made doujins and fan art of the girls because they were cute and didn't actually watch the show at all. With that in mind, I didn't actually realize there were any mechs or anything of the sort in this show until Bandai's Armor Girl Project line decided to make toys of all of the IS armor designs from the show. Although this isn't a property that I'm interested in, I do love mecha musume and armored girl design a lot, so I was still quite curious about the line.

Cecilia Alcott and her IS unit the Blue Tears is the first Infinite Stratos character to retrieve the AGP treatment. She has fabulous long curly hair looks quite pleasant. Her hair seems a little bit darker than promotional art and images.

Honestly there isn't too much to say about the base figure. It's alright, but nothing fantastic. It feels very rubbery and flimsy at times. Most of the standard joints to be expected are present: shoulders, elbows, knees, legs, ankles, torso, etc.

It's also a pretty small figure. Here she is next to Ika Musume and you can see that compared to a short figma, she's only about half a head taller.

Cecilia comes with a whole whack of hands but most of them are standard and not worth particular note: fists, splayed hands, pointing hands, and a very unusually specific pair of hands which make her look like she's ready to tear someone's face off with her index finger and pinkie.

The major component of Cecilia of course is the IS unit and the combination gimmick. It's quite an involved process. To start things off you need to swap out Cecilia's hair for one with a gem in place of her ribbon. Also you need to remove her legs for a pair of stump legs with holes in them.

It's very weird doing this, I'm not going to lie.

The legs of the Blue Tears unit peg right into the alternate legs and even peg in an extra time when closing the casing around the legs.

The arms are swapped by just removing the lower arm at the elbow and pegging in the new arms.

This toy is one of those interesting anomalies where the more armor you put on the figure, the more poseable it becomes (theoretically). The knees are all very smooth and quite pleasant to bend. There's about six joints or so in the feet that make it easy to get a pretty stable pose for Cecilia.

In addition to the armos and legs, there is a back brace piece to put around Cecilia's chest. This is where things begin to fall apart. Literally.

This piece refuses to fit in and allow the balljointed chest to maintain clearence. So every single time that you peg in this piece, Cecilia will fall apart at the chest. I spent at least twenty minutes the first time doing this and trying to get the upper torso to stay in place before eventually giving up and just leaving it there hazardously.

Once you get the pieces on Cecilia and never touch them again, you have the base Blue Tears armor. It does look pretty cool, and the various hands and joints make it pretty cool to have on the shelf just ready to tear someone's face off of punch someone.

Blue Tears is also equipped with a giant sniper rifle that is very difficult to get in shot due to it's sheer length and girth.

Note that the sniper rifle is so heavy that the toy actually comes with a clear peg/stand to attack the sniper rifle to the chest to support it.

The Blue Tears unit has a series of funnel looking weapons that are very cool. The only problem being that these pieces don't actually attach or store anywhere on the IS. You HAVE to display them using the giant stand that Cecilia comes with.

Conveniently enough, the stand pegs in using that chest piece that makes Cecilia fall apart. And on top of that, the piece doesn't even fit in snugly.

I'm not going to lie: with all of the funnels, armor, and the giant sniper rifle, the Blue Tears unit is incredibly impressive and awesome to look at. It's just a very unfortunate shame how fragile, unstable, and downright frustrating it can be some times. It takes me near an hour to get everything attached and put together due to all of the piece that constantly pop off and cause swear and swear to come out of my lips.

All of the funnel pieces are attached by clear pegs on a branch assembly. You can even add more pieces to make more of the funnels in the larger piece come out and shoot even more lasers.

Bandai does a lot of things well: robots, action figures, and all the things in between. However the one category I've found that they repeatedly seem to have trouble in is the female figure category. The armor pieces for the IS unit are awesome and well made, but the base Cecilia figure alone is riddled with many problems and issues. The joints are all flimsy. The tolerances of the pegs and joints are unable to keep anything in place. The arms are constantly popping off of the shoulder AND the elbow joint. When you swap the arms with the IS arms, they will almost immediately pop back out because they just do not securely form a connection. And on top of all the problems, Cecilia's ball jointed torso is too loose and falling out of its socket all the time. It was so bad for me that I actually glued the ball in place. And even then it STILL manages to be loose!

I think in concept the Armor Girls Project series is a very cool idea. A poseable female figure with armor to go on top of her; what person doesn't think that's awesome? However, there are a lot of problems with the current versions of these times. Bandai has a lot they need to do to refine this toyline to improve the product. As one of the leading Japanese toy makers: I have high standards for them and unfortunately this toy just does not meet them. Only recommended for hardcore Infinite Stratos fans (if you exist that is).  

Blue Tears x Cecilia Alcott was provided by Bluefin Tamashii Nations. You can get your Tamashii Nation goods at BigBadToyStore! 

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