Capsule Q Fraulein Shinobu

By Animaven on May 19, 2013

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Review by Animaven

Shinobu is absolutely, without doubt, my favorite character in the “-Monogatari” series - and it’s pretty hard to beat out a crazy tsundere who arms herself with staplers or a smoking hot cat girl in black lingerie. 

This version of Shinobu is a Capsule Q Fraulein. She’s made to look a lot like that stellar Good Smile statue:

Here she is in her big plastic bubble:
bakemonogatari shinobu
And now, out of the bubble, in pieces. 
shinobu bakemonogatari
How to put this delicately? This figure smells awful. So, so bad.  
Let’s assemble her!
I had to pry her legs apart to get the ribbons and dress to lie down properly. Felt pervy, turned out properly.
Like the big statue, she has representations of the other girls in her donut pile. In the front you can see Nadeko Sengoku’s hat, though the Araragi sisters’ egg sitting on top is kind of hard to spot. Just above it is Kyomi Araragi’s pointy hair, though all you can make out of it is the boxy stapler around it.  To the top left of the donut pile there is Meme’s sandal and, probably the weirdest of the lot to pick out, a cat ear (Tsubasa Hanekawa). Her glasses are not there. 
Around to the side you can see Mayoi’s giant bag and, of course, Kanbaru’s bandaged arm. 
You can see the way the dress falls between her legs. That’s something you have to do to the figure when you assemble it. You can also see some of the bumps and paint impurities, but given the scale and price of this figure (though you’ll pay much more for her online now), that’s to be expected. 
The shoulder strap is so delicate. 
And here’s the back of the base. 
All in all? She’s adorable. I’m glad she’s on my shelf. 

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